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Information about Grilling Planks

For anyone who owns a grill, grilling planks are essential. Regardless of how much grilling you have done throughout the years, if you are ready for something new and special, grilling planks are the answer for you.

There are a number of different woods from which you can select your favorite-- or, to make your grilling and eating experience even better, choose an assortment. You will be able to enjoy a nice variety of tastes throughout the summer months.

Pecan, maple, mesquite, white oak, cedar, cherry, hickory, and alderwood are some of the woods currently in use as grilling planks. For the very best effect, you should try each kind to see which ones you and your family favor.

Grilling planks lend a special taste to all of the foods you cook. Each type of wood will give your food a distinct, unique flavor. All of the meats, vegetables, and other treats that you traditionally cook on your grill will taste even better when you use a grilling plank.

Although creating different tastes and improving the flavor of your food is the primary reason for using grilling planks, there are other benefits to this handy grilling aid. When you cook on a plank, your entire grilling experience will be much neater. All of the food will be neatly contained on the plank, which will eliminate the mess, waste, and worry of food falling into the fire. This also means grilling on a plank is safer than simply cooking your food over an open flame. You will be able to focus on cooking and eating-- and if you think about it, that's the entire point.

Cleaning your grilling plank is a quick, easy process. If you have ever hesitated about grilling because the tiring, messy process of cleaning your grill afterward made it seem like it wasn't worth the effort, not only will your plank reduce the amount of time and effort you put into cleaning your grill, the plank itself is a breeze to clean.

Grilling food for all of your friends and family can be fun. Enjoying the delicious tastes of your favorite foods cooked on grilling planks can be one of the greatest parts of summer. Take a few minutes to think about which types of grilling planks you would most like to try, and after you purchase one or more you will immediately see why they have become one of the most popular grilling aids available today.


The Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

There is a growing movement in the U.S. to purchase foods that are grown locally. It is generally associated with broader sustainability movements to create more locally based food economies and sustainable food production. These local food systems offer an alternative to corporate factory farm models and have a number of benefits to producers and consumers alike.

The primary benefit to consumers is fresher, better tasting produce. Fruits and vegetables grown locally make it to market much more quickly so it is allowed to ripen naturally. When produce has to be picked, boxed, delivered to a distributor, and then transported over hundreds or thousands of miles, it has to be picked early and unripe. It loses much of the fresh, wonderful flavors that develop when allowed to ripen naturally. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are also more nutritious than produce that has been sitting in boxes awaiting transport.

Buying locally grown foods supports the local farmers. Many of these are small, family-owned farms that practice sustainable methods of crop rotation that is better for us and for the environment since it reduces the use of fertilizers and pesticides that end up in our foods. Buying direct from the farmer from farmer's markets or Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) programs helps these family farmers stay in business and keep the money in the community. Buying from farmer's markets or CSA is typically less expensive as well since there are fewer or no middlemen involved.

Another benefit that is less frequently talked about is the public health advantage of locally grown foods from smaller producers. We have seen a number of cases of food borne disease in recent years that have affected hundreds of people over wide geographical areas. Produce that comes from large corporate farms in large quantities that are transported to many locations is much harder to track down when there is a problem. It also results in more cases of food poisoning that are more difficult to limit. Locally grown food can be quickly identified to the source and have many fewer cases of illness.

The disadvantage for many when trying to limit purchases to locally grown produce is adjusting cooking and eating habits to eating seasonal foods only. Tomatoes, avocadoes, fresh greens, and many other items that we are used to being able to buy at any time of the year are limited in availability in the off-season unless they are transported long distances.

Buying locally grown foods when and where you can is well worth the added effort. Support your local farmers and enjoy better tasting and more nutritious produce.


Eating Healthy Without Draining Your Wallet

It is a proven fact that by eating a healthy diet, you will keep your medical costs down, but how are you going to justify the added expense of doing this? Healthy foods are much more expensive to purchase, but there are simple tips that you can use to help you stick to your budget and enjoy healthy eating at the same time. Lets take a look at some of these.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, but they can be very hard on your budget. A good way of stretching your shopping dollars is to look for a reduced rack at your neighborhood grocery store. Many times, you can pick up super ripe produce at a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay for it.

Frozen vegetables are another good way to save money. They are usually fresher and cheaper than anything that you purchase in the produce or canned sections in your supermarket. Take your time and look around in the frozen food aisles and you will be amazed at the bargains that you will find. You should be able to find large bags of vegetables at bargain prices and sometimes they are as little as $1 a bag and you can't beat that.

Many times, you can also find healthy bargains at your local produce stand or farmer's market. If you want to find the best deals, shop often and wait until the end of the day towards closing time and many times you will find reduced produce or end-of-the-day specials.

Another way that you can save on produce prices is to grow your own healthy eats. If you have the room, start a garden in your backyard or a container garden on your patio. This can be a great way to enjoy homegrown fruits and vegetables all season long and best of all, it can prove to be a very rewarding experience.

You can also cut down on the fat grams in your sweets such as cakes, muffins, and other baked goodies by replacing the oils in the recipes with an equal amount of no-sugar-added apple sauce.
The greatest thing about doing this is that it will not change the taste of the recipe, but it will make it much more healthy for you.

Cholesterol consumption can also be reduced in your diet. Instead of using eggs in your baked goods, try using a tablespoon of soy flour as that will be much more healthy for you. This can also save you money as you can pick up a good size bag of soy flour for as little as $2 or $3 and it will last you for a good long time.

Last of all, you should limit your consumption of salt . This can be found in many of the foods that you enjoy, but the bad thing is that your body does not require a lot of salt. You can help limit your consumption by purchasing no-salt-added or low sodium versions of canned foods. Best of all, this switch will not cost you anything. If you can incorporate these tips into your life, you should be able to eat healthy without having to break your budget.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and I would like to invite you to my eating healthy web site where you will find great free tips and information that is designed to help you live a long healthy life.


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